16 Dec 2022

    Today we want to talk about one of the most versatile ISINAC solutions, the #acousticcurtains. As their name suggests, they are curtains specially designed and made with materials that not only have 100% absorption (Alpha sabine 1 and NRC 1), but also soundproof by 9db. As a consequence, there is a significant increase in #acousticcomfort and all with environmentally friendly materials.
    Where should I install them and how?
    This type of solution is useful for any type of space in which #acousticcomfort and a certain level of soundproofing are sought. It is not always necessary that there is a window, It means, to give some examples:
      - "Fishbowl" model offices in which the entire perimeter is glass
      - "Mobile" spaces where the curtains allow the creation of a fully mobile meeting space         by opening or closing the curtain
      - Theatres, cinemas, home cinema
      - Large public or private rooms as halls, restaurants, conference rooms...
      - Habitats of houses such as living room, bedroom...
      - VIP areas of restaurants,


    Regarding the installation, the meters will depend on the space that you want to cover, and the level of comfort and soundproofing that you want to achieve. However, there are some tips that are important:
     - The curtain must be wide enough to allow waves to be created once unfolded.
     - It is important that, in the case of doors or windows, the curtain has to go from wall to wall, that is, it has to cover the entire hole plus a little bit of the wall to avoid sound leaks.
     - Know what type of fastening I want or need: washers for rod or hooks for curtain rail


    How to choose one curtain or another?
    We must not forget that beyond the design and colors, which are important, we are talking about a #acousticcurtain, therefore, it is equally or even more important that it fulfill its function. The best way to know that is through the #technicalcertificates of the product.
    All acoustic products must be attached to technical data sheets specifying their level of absorption and soundproofing (including standard and laboratory accredited by ENAC). In the case of the technical data sheets, it is important to read even the small print, because sometimes the small print refutes what the technical data sheet indicates, leaving it without any value or, exempting the company that sells or manufactures it from any responsibility in case of failure to perform the promised function. In addition, it would be nice to see the #technicaltests that prove that the absorption and soundproofing levels of the technical sheet are real. In other words, make sure that there is a #technicaltest that makes it possible to ensure that what the technical sheet says is real.


    In the case of ISINAC's #acousticcurtains we find a level of #acousticabsorption of 100% and a soundproofing of 9db. They are available in 77 colors, with recyclable and compostable materials. In addition, they have a fire classification of B-s1-D0 and are hypoallergenic.
    Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information!