Gripple kit Gripple kit


Easy-to-install model XP12FR hanger:
One end is made with a chromed stainless steel decorative piece and the other end has a chromed stainless steel carabiner, this last piece allows the cable to slide in both directions to adjust the height of the piece and when released it presses the cable.


- Installation up to six times faster than traditional systems
- Easy to use
- Strong, safe and versatile
- Aesthetically pleasing, discreet and light
- NON-Stainless steel
- Comes in ready-to-use kits
- Ergonomic buttons for quick adjustment
- 2-m long cable
- Can support a load of up to 15kg (safety coefficient 5:1)
- Tool-free adjustment, no wrenches required to unlock it
- The buttons allow for a quick adjustment

Gripple kit