12 Mar 2021

When we talk about #acusticpanels, with potential clients who do not belong to the world of #acoustics, when we begin to explain the solution to them we find the phrase: “oh yes! I know, soundproofing, right? ”
Before this situation that we have encountered hundreds of times, today we want to provide a little more knowledge about #acousticcomfort and #acusticabsorption, as well as their difference from #soundproofing.
What is acoustic #soundproofing? It is a constructive process by which, through the use of various materials, sound is prevented from passing from one room to another adjoining one through the walls. Acoustic #soundproofing is usually carried out through the interior of the walls, that is, between the partitions that shape the room, acoustic #soundproofing materials are introduced that prevent sound from passing through them.
            “#Soundproofing: Prevents sound from passing from one room to another through the walls or ceilings”

And so what is #acousticabsorption? It is a process by which, through the use of various acoustic #materials, sound waves are prevented from bouncing off the surfaces of the room, causing #eco and #reverberation. In this way, the #noise in the room decreases, increases the #intelligibility of the word, reduces acoustic #stress and prevents chronic diseases. There are many ways to deal with the #echo and #reverb in a room, although one of the best known is through the placement of #acousticpanels. If you want to know these and other solutions, or need guidance for the treatment of your #work space, your #restaurant or the #room where you teach, visit us or contact us at:
       “#AcousticAbsorption: avoid echo, noise and reverberation within a room, improving its acoustics”