ISINAC´s team has just come back from the summer holidays and we have great news!

There is a new person in the team and we are really exciting about it. Our new workmate is a French Arquitect with a big and reliable experience, who is going to improve our service in order to give to all of our clients the better and most quickly solution for their acoustic problems.

On the other hand, there are new things cooking up and soon we will tell about them.

Batteries full and acoustics solutions ready!!


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Today, we have great news!! The new catalogue of #ISINAC is here!!! 

After some months working hard, we have just finished our new catalogue with all the innovations and news about technical properties of our products and the new designs and shapes which we can offer to our clients. 

What are you going to find in it? More design, more acoustic comfort, more innovation and better solutions!!

We hope you like it as much as it likes us, and of course, if you want to have a copy, please write to us and we will be pleased to send it to you! 


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In ISINAC not only is the acoustic comfort is important, but also a design which provides style and design to the rooms takes part of our main objective too. Focusing on this, we are working in offer more types of pieces and solutions in order to integrate the acoustic solutions in the lines of the design of the room. The I+D department works so hard in trying to innovate and create wonderful pieces which don´t loose the acoustic properties, the easy installation and the properties of the raw material.

Here we show you some of our new pieces and shapes. Enjoying the design and the creation of acoustic comfort spaces


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Last Wednesday, 29th of May, was the International Noise Day. In Spain, this day, the Spanish Acoustic Association usually organize some different events to commemorate the day. From ISINAC, as a member of the Association and as a company focus on improve the acoustic comfort of the spaces, we want share an interesting video which was posted by the Spanish Acoustic Association regarding to this day.

Not only is the noise annoying, but also it could cause important diseases like hearing loss or stress. So, it is really important to make people consciousness-regarding about it.

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Last days 5,6,7 and 8th of February, some people of ISINAC´s team took part in the INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE (#ISE_2019) at Amsterdam. The ISE is one of the most important sound´s exhibitions from Europe. This year, furthermore, it counted with the biggest number of participants ever, 1301 exhibitors and 81268 attendees. One of these exhibitors was #ISINAC, which took the decision of enlisting in an international fair. The members of #ISINAC team who attended to the Show were the CEO, Berni Dieguez; and the International Account Manager, Cova Díaz. Furthermore, we had the lucky of being helped by the #ISINAC´s distributor in Portugal, Jorge da Fonseca, who as well as his knowledge and experience in the sector, he speaks perfectly France and Portuguese languages.

The experience has been amazing, not only by the such large size of the fair, the wide geographic range of attendees and the content of the exhibitors; but also, for the answer of the attendees to the #ISINAC product. The feedback was amazing. There were no few who showed some interest in the #ISINAC´s acoustic solutions. They were really amaze by the design of the products, it technical quality and the results of the acoustic studies which were made to the product.

We took advantage of the event for make the official launch of the new brand #ABSORBRELLA, a new patent for reducing the noise in the terraces of the restaurants. In fact, it was the most talked-about product from #ISINAC.

The event allowed to put us in contact with different companies from the different geographic points from the world. In addition, we had the visit of part of the team of the #ISINAC´s distributors in France, Italy and Belgium. These visits were really great because we could share with the distributors the impressions about the #ISINAC products and the answer to them from the final client.

Finally, we can´t finish without saying that we really had in our mind every distributor who has been walking with us in the growth of #ISINAC in these 5 years, nothing of this would be possible without them.

The fair has been an authentic energy injection to continue working and offering our #acoustic solutions to the market, with the conviction that not only do we sell a high-quality product, but also we improve the live quality of our clients.

We share some of the photos which we took during the show, and if you want to see more, don´t forget go to our IG @ISINAC


When became in started working in the world of acoustics, we realised that there were a lot of solutions to improve the acoustic conditions indoors, making places for comfortable by removing noise. However, when we have to face the outdoors noise, there aren´t as many solutions due to the complexity of limiting spaces.

ISINAC has launched its own patented solution on the market, #ABSROBRELLA, a simple system which is adaptable to any standard parasol, it reduces the noise created by pub and restaurants terrace by between 3 and 5 db. So ending bothersome noise to neighbours in the flats above. #ABSORBRELLA offers stylish nice and improved acoustic comfort.


TECNALIA (An authorised Acoustic Laboratory) has tested the two new fabrics of ISINAC and the naked material, to create a new comparative table. The tests have been made with the sample of the square panel 610x610x40mm with adhesive.


It is necessary to indicate that in the CTE DB-HR-3.2.1 is said: “The coefficient aw, which is the absorption weighted coefficient from the UNE EN ISO 11653, it is a value that the majority of the manufacturers of products for the acoustic reconditioning, provide. It can be used this value in case that it wouldn´t be available the values of the medium absorption coefficient aw for the frequencies of 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz”

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ISINAC is, from now, an Europe Union Brand

ISINAC Acoustic Absorption is, from now, a Brand from the European Union, we have already been named by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. A new step for our international works

ISINAC obey the Oeko-Tex Standard 100

ISINAC®, the acoustic panels phono-absorbent, achieve the certification of the regulation Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. The test made by an independent institute of analyse have demonstrated that the foam used by ISINAC in its products obey the human ecological requirements of the regulation in the type of product III. The ISINAC products whose are used in home applications and in the building environment, are harmless for the health in it using and processing. This means that they don´t emit substances dangerous for the health and they neither are absorbed trough the skin.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a global approval system of test and certifications which is applied to the textile raw materials, just as to the intermediate and final products in every phase of the processing, whose object is to delete completely the harmful substances. In the tests of detection of harmful substances, are included substances which are forbidden or they are regulated by the law, chemistral agents that are recognised as dangerous for the health, and parameters to formulate the necessary preventive measures to safeguard health

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Since unmemorable times, from nothing more and nothing less than the Assyria city of Nineveh, it started the history about the mosaics. They have always had several functions: embellish, represent and use of roads or squares or interior of buildings.

ISINAC has already launched the mosaics for wall and ceilings. You can decorate your spaces with them, making figures or achieving volumes making an organization in the space.

We have plane mosaics, volumetric or 3D mosaics, and you can play with different colours.

Thanks so much to our customers and our future customers.

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