Iván Cotado Iván Cotado

Iván Cotado


The IVÁN COTADO DISEÑO DE INTERIORES studio is specialized in INteriorismo EStratégico® (Strategic interior design) and has over 15 years’ experience working throughout Spain.

Their slogan is “We design interiors. We create businesses” and, by combining interior design and marketing, they have specialized themselves in the design of strategic, profitable business spaces. Their comprehensive vision of interior design aims at creating viable, functional, unique and fully customized businesses.

As the creators of the INteriorismo EStratégico® concept, they see interior design as an essential part of business marketing and as another tool that may contribute, along with other branding strategies, towards brand positioning. They believe that, for better or worse, interior design plays an essential role in the in-store customer experience and therefore has a direct impact on business performance.

Their projects have been featured in renowned architecture magazines. More specifically, the prestigious publishing company Taschen included El Sueño Húmedo Lounge & Bar in a list of the world’s best bars and restaurants.

They have designed the experiential showroom set up by CUPA, one of the world’s leading companies in the natural slate industry. In 2018 they received the Hostelco Award for the best interior design project in the catering industry for Koh Lanta, and they are currently designing the new Árbore da Veira, a restaurant complex by Michelin star-chef Luis Veira.

Iván Cotado Iván Cotado