1. Is it safe to buy ISINAC?

ISINAC is a trade name registered by Bernardo Diéguez and legally established in Vigo (Spain). The company complies with the requirements, regulations and agreements established by the current law in relation to electronic commerce, personal data protection and user and consumer protection. We guarantee that all transactions made with ISINAC are 100% safe.

2. Is my personal data protected?

ISINAC guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the data provided on the registration forms; it agrees to respect its obligation to protect personal data and adopt all possible measures to avoid alteration, loss or unauthorised access.
All operations involving bank data are performed under the security environment provided directly by the bank that manages the operation (Virtual POS) or by bank transfer. ISINAC does not have access or stores any data related to credit cards

3. Can I pay for the order upon delivery?

No. Due to logistical peculiarities of our products (large volume), it is not possible to pay in cash upon delivery. All orders are to be paid in advance by bank transfer or confirming.

4. How long does it take to get my order?

Standard pieces will arrive within 24 hours after we receive your payment. Custom-made pieces will take up to 5 weeks.

5. What do I do if I have questions about how and where to install the products?

Our Customer Service department will be happy to help you with any questions. Please contact us by email ([email protected]), form or telephone (+34 664286208).


1. Does the ISINAC foam act as an acoustic absorber or as acoustic insulation?

ISINAC foams are light, flexible and open-cell structures with excellent acoustic absorbent properties.
Acoustic insulation is usually made with very dense (heavy), more rigid and non-porous materials, which do not offer a good sound absorption performance, but have a high capacity to prevent sound from passing through them.

2. Will the acoustic panels prevent the sound from leaving the premises?

No. The acoustical treatment is not designed to isolate the room (to prevent sound from coming out or entering the room). To do so, it would be necessary to carry out a soundproofing treatment, building acoustic ceilings and floors to improve the insulation of the room and to prevent the sound from being transmitted from one space to another.
ISINAC panels improve quality of sound within the room, but do not increase its insulation capacity.

3. What colours are available for the products? Can I paint them or cover them with fabric?

ISINAC’s foams are available in pearl grey and white. In addition, ISINAC has some fabrics to “upholster” the foam. The client only needs to choose the colour and the product will arrive ready to install.
It is also possible to make covers for the panels. Please go to our covers’ catalogue to choose colours and dimensions. The fabric is flame retardant.

4. How can I install the panels?

Thanks to ISINAC’s R&D department, there is the self-adhesive method (the panel itself has a surface coated with glue), so you only need to remove the protective paper and it is ready to be installed. You can also hang it using our anchors.

5. I need to cut some panels. How should I do it?

ISINAC foam can be easily cut with a cutter. The only difficulty is keeping a steady hand to obtain a clean and straight cut.

6. How much surface area should I cover with acoustic panels?

Between 30% and 80% of the surface of the walls and ceiling. We have developed a tool that allows you to calculate it yourself. In any case, you can contact our sound specialists so they can recommend the best option for your particular project.

7. What is the difference between ISINAC’s foam and other foams?

Flame retardant, does not drip, does not produce fumes, the whole set is M1 (foam and anchoring system). It does not oxidize or get old over time.
Very light (9kg/m3).
High sound-absorption power (+/- 70%).
Complies with the Oto tex-100 regulation. It is innocuous to human beings.
It is a thermal insulator 0.0034.

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