MONITOR AUDIO NEDERLAND, has just conditioned its showroom with #ISINAC. From now, the demostratins to their clients with the different sound systems, will be much better. Thanks to the decrease of the room´s #reverberation, the #sound will be more clear and defined.
On the other hand, all those companies, arquitects, interior designers, audio integrtors or final client who are interested in this type of solution, they can visit the MONITOR AUDIO NEDERLAND´s showroom and have the experinece of the ISINAC´s acoustic comfort. Even more they can ask for an estimate for an #ISINAC treatment. Don´t let the opportunity go.




In Spain,today, we start which is already called “the new normal”, a concept that we still do not have very clear about ​​what it consists of, but we are sure that life has changed, things are not as they used to be anymore

This “Post-Covid” era brings many changes, sometimes new ways of doing things, and in others, it has simply accelerated the transformation process that was already beginning.

One of these changes is the new organization of the workplaces. On the one hand, it has been proved that teleworking is something possible, that is, the fact of working from home does not require a decrease in productivity.

On the other hand, videoconference meetings have become common and necessary to be able to interact between the teams and the parties. Finally, it is clear that productivity is more important than face-to-face, and its results are better in terms of cost savings and improved results.

Companies are looking for ways to prevent new outbreaks of the virus in their workplaces. For this, measures such as the reduction of personnel in each shift, the flexibility of hours or the creation of open spaces that require greater distance between workers are repeated. All these measures are helpful, but on many cases we forget to create spaces that often improve productivity.

But how to improve productivity through the workplaces? the answer is very simple #acousticconditioning. The reduction of the #noise which is generated in a room due to #reverberationtime or #TR, supposes an improvement in concentration, a decrease in #stress, an improvement in #intenability of the word and a reduction in the volume of voice with which is spoken. All this helps to generate a climate of peace and calm that allows working hours to be activated more effectively, and as a consequence, a reduction in the time spent in the office.

A decrease in #TR and background noise level, along with an improvement in #speechintelligibility, are the main values ​​to consider when creating spaces that are #acousticallycomfortable.

Below, we show an example of a workplace that has undergone #acoustic conditioning treatment with #isinac.



Every ISINAC’s manufacturing facilities, distribution points and administrative functions are operational and we are manufacturing as usual. We have taken appropriate protective measures for the health and well-being of all of our employees and collaborators who take part of the ISINAC business (more information is provided below)

Our European supply chains are also operating as usual, including our fabric supplier  partners in UK, foam in Germany and Adhesive in Italy, where we can confirm that the manufactory plant is still open and it is manufacturing as always. The supply from these three countries, is currently assured, and we also have some stock in our warehouse.

Our level of general stock of foam and fabrics remains strong in order to be able of satisfying the demand throughout the next three months.

Our precautionary measures

We are working extremely hard in order to protect our employees and our company from this health threat which is the COV-19. One of the most important things is the prevention the infection and the transmission of the virus between our employees, as a consequence we have adopted some measures:


  • All employee´s trip for commercial purposes has been suspended.
  • Non-essential visits to ISINAC facilities have been stopped.
  • The sales managers have put of their meetings with our clients, or they do them by conference-call. Sales managers conduct customer meetings whenever possible by phone or video conference.
  • Hands disinfection products have been installed in every exit and entrance doors for the offices, warehouse and facilities.
  • We have increased the frequency of the cleaner services in all the common areas.
  • In that cases in which is possible to do online work, the employees are allowed to work from their home.
  • Hand disinfection has been installed in all entrances and exits of offices, warehouses and facilities.


Urgent orders as another precautionary recommendation

We communicate the option for customers to place a single, consolidated order, specified as “Coronavirus Stock” to provide additional buffer stocks for sale and facility fulfillment.

We want to remind customers that this offer, with payment terms extended by 30 days, is available until March 19, 2020.


Once again, thank you very much in advance for your cooperation. We are doing our best to continue maintaining our usual service levels in all of our operations and to work at the highest levels which allow the continue with the business. We hope that you also stay safe and well, and that your business continues without undue interruption during these very challenging socio-economic circumstances.


At ISINAC, we are taking some preventive measures about the coronavirus COVID-19.

ON the one hand, it is important to highlight that all of our raw material are from Europe and all the manufacturing process are made in the south of Galicia.

Furthermore, we have taken some other precautions for the workers:

  1. Washing hands with the antibacterial gel, or with hot water and soap for more than 20 seconds.
  2. Tissues for only one use.
  3. Disposable protection masks
  4. We have changed the visits to the distributors per conference-call meetings
  5. We have increased the frequency of the disinfection and cleanliness of the work posts


The Acoustic Comfort is a passive good which is not usually present in the schools and academies, however, its inclusion in the classroom supposes a big improvement. This passive element is not appreciated until one can feel and hear the difference between a classroom with reverberation and a contiguous space without it.

This is what Leo is trying to explain in the video. The corridor, due to the constructive elements and the floorplan of the space, it is generated a big amount of reverberation. However, his classroom once it has been install the phono-absorbent material (Which has been calculate and made the design for its installation before of sending the material), the reverberation has decreased becoming the space in a comfortable space.

The acoustic comfort in the classrooms, generates in the first point a better intelligibility of the word, as a consequence, there is an improvement in the communication, the attention and a decrease in the auditory stress. Furthermore, it improves the student performance, which is reflected in the academic’s results.

The auditory stress which the student is put down, when in the classroom there is a big amount of reverberation, means a real obstacle for the students like Leo for who the reverberations of the room is become in an almost unsupportable noise due to their auditory implants.

The acoustic absorption is fundamental for the schools, it reduces the student stress directly, makes easy a better attention and due of all this, the student improve his marks. Furthermore, the fact of suffering less auditory stress during the day, implies a better rest during the sleeping hours, just as an improvement in the digestive processes of the child.

The ISINAC’s products are phono-absorbents, it means that they are the solution for the echo and reverberation issues which are generated in the inside spaces. Furthermore, all of them fulfill the normative about fire and allergens, and they have a high level of absorption too. Therefore, the installation of Acoustic Solutions from the brand ISINAC, will help you not only to improve the acoustic of your room, but also and as a consequence of it, to improve the health of the users of the room.




ISINAC´s team has just come back from the summer holidays and we have great news!

There is a new person in the team and we are really exciting about it. Our new workmate is a French Arquitect with a big and reliable experience, who is going to improve our service in order to give to all of our clients the better and most quickly solution for their acoustic problems.

On the other hand, there are new things cooking up and soon we will tell about them.

Batteries full and acoustics solutions ready!!


#isinac #acusticomfort #withoutnoise #acousticabsorbentpanels


In the next link you can read the last articule of #ABSORBRELLA published in the #Secartys Magazine.

#ABSORBRELLA #ISINAC #acousticcomfort #withoutnoise #turism #reverberation #FiturNext


Today, we have great news!! The new catalogue of #ISINAC is here!!! 

After some months working hard, we have just finished our new catalogue with all the innovations and news about technical properties of our products and the new designs and shapes which we can offer to our clients. 

What are you going to find in it? More design, more acoustic comfort, more innovation and better solutions!!

We hope you like it as much as it likes us, and of course, if you want to have a copy, please write to us and we will be pleased to send it to you! 


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In ISINAC not only is the acoustic comfort is important, but also a design which provides style and design to the rooms takes part of our main objective too. Focusing on this, we are working in offer more types of pieces and solutions in order to integrate the acoustic solutions in the lines of the design of the room. The I+D department works so hard in trying to innovate and create wonderful pieces which don´t loose the acoustic properties, the easy installation and the properties of the raw material.

Here we show you some of our new pieces and shapes. Enjoying the design and the creation of acoustic comfort spaces


#acousticcomfort #acousticabsorbentpanels #acousticsolutions #interiordesign #shapes #withoutnoise #isinac

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