ISINAC is more than a brand. We are a team focus in the design, production and market of elements for the acoustic conditioning of: work places, educational centres, gymnastics, hotel and medical world.
We are driven by the passion for the creation and innovation, looking for acoustic solutions that they will be aesthetically pleasing. Our main object is to improve the people´s quality of live through the creation of spaces which will make easy and improve the interaction between them.

We work for the human people, as a consequence we have 5 mainstays:

  1. Innovation: One of our passion is the experimentations with new materials and industrial technologies that they allow a better product with the minor environmental impact. We bet for a heavy inversion of time and resources in our I+D department to achieve it.
  2. Design: We look for solutions that they will be aesthetically pleasing, without a decreasing the acoustic characteristics of the product. The objective is to answer in an effective way to the new aesthetically concepts which have been come up by the architects, designers, engineers and builders. All of it in order to supply an experience that is 100% satisfactory for the consumer of the locals and spaces prepare by ISINAC.
  3. Environmental Impact: Inside our working philosophy of working for people, a lead place is kept by the environment, without it our life will be impossible. In order with this, our products achieve the different European regulations directed to keep and to take care of our planet. As much in the manufacturer process as in the material that is used, the environmental responsibility is the first requirement.
  4. Alleger impact and Fire: In order to be healthy and safety for people, all of our raw materials and the final products obey the normative OEKO-TEX estándar 10, regarding the absence of allergen elements. On the other hand, regarding with how the products face the fire, all of materials that we usually use, are fire-proof in grades which go from B-S2-DO to A2-S1-DO.
  5. Work for human people: Our last objective is the creation of spaces which allow to increase the quality of life of the people. The decrease of the reverberation means a decrease in the level of stress in a considerable way, as well as a prevention of possible acoustics diseases. Furthermore, it is improved the communication between people as a consequence of being able to clarify the remission of the message removing the sound which mask it.


Distribución mundo Isinac

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